Smith Engineering Clears the Air with New Purification Technology

Smith Engineering has become sole manufacturer of a unique range of 3D printer cabinets and air scrubbers to solve the problem of harmful, air-borne chemicals given off during the 3D printing process.

The use of 3D printers has risen dramatically in recent years. Worldwide sales reached nearly half a million in 2017 alone, but the problem of harmful chemicals given off by two kinds of plastic filaments (ABS and PLA) used in the process has largely been ignored - until now. The new system solves the problem by filtering the fumes given off ABS and sub-micron particles given off PLA through a specially designed filter system - releasing air that is safe to breathe.

Cabinet with air scrubber

The system has several unique features including filters manufactured by Sundstrom that screen air to 0.003 microns. The fan system in the air scrubber forces air through these filters safely removing 99.997% of contaminants. A further benefit is that the air temperature inside the cabinet is monitored and can be maintained at a constant temperature by recirculating the air through the filter system – important in achieving consistent quality of printed parts.

Designer, Brian Eaglestone, explains:

“The 3D printer and cabinet and air scrubber are simple to operate, and the filters can be changed in seconds. We are the first manufacturer to offer such a simple system, operating at such a high level of efficiency.”

Rod Smith, Managing Director said:

“We use the system for our own 3D printers, which has in turn improved air quality for workers as well as ensuring a high quality product is produced. This technology can be applied to other industries.”

Designer, Brian Eaglestone and Managing Director, Rod Smith with a cabinet and air scrubber.

Cabinets and air scrubbers are available to buy here.