Air Quality and 3D Printing - Resources

We supply a range of cabinets and air scrubbers to filter harmful fumes given off ABS and sub-micron particles given off PLA during the 3D printing process. 

Air quality has always been a big problem in and around hot plastic in factories where plastics are stored and manipulated in any way. The process of changing the shape of the plastic gives off many toxic gases and acids, by heat bending, by injection moulding or pressing, these harmful by-products are given off and breathed in by those operating the machinery.

In big injection moulding factories, (governed by the HSE and EPA in the UK), legislation states that the air within the environment where personnel are working, must have three complete air changes per hour, otherwise the workers will suffer harm. But, the air quality surrounding the rapid spread of affordable 3D printers has largely been ignored, until now...

We supply a range of Air-Scrubber Units, built to customer requirements to suit every situation and type of machinery. We also offer a re-branding service for those who want to offer our technology to others on their own equipment. In our Air-Scrubbers, we only use ‘Air-Quality’ face mask filters, that have been designed, tested and manufactured by ‘Sundstrom’ in Sweden.

We gave them the data from the various tests done on air quality and what was given off during the process of 3D printing, (additive manufacturing), they then advised what would be the most suitable filters to use from their extensive range. If they say it is safe to breathe the air, then it must be safe.

In fact, if there was ever a filament that was produced filled with lead or mercury for instance, then Sundstrom have an air filtration solution to fit into our system, to make it safe for you to breathe the air, that comes out of your machine.

This flexibility makes our system suitable for ‘Fume Cabinets’ through to 3D Printers. This is especially applicable if you are experimenting with new and untested filaments or other gases or fumes that might, at the right or wrong temperature, be highly toxic.

All our Air-Scrubber Units are simple to operate and its easy to change the filters too, in fact the filter change takes approximately 30 seconds. The particulate / pre-filter needs to be changed once a month and the secondary gas filter should be changed a minimum of once every six months depending on usage.

We are the first manufacturer to offer such a simple system, operating at such a high level of efficiency. 

By using a combination of both of these filters, our system will filter out particles down to 0.003um.


Research regarding hazards to health during 3D printing:

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Report from AWE (Aldermaston) from the Journal of Toxicology


Statement from Sundstrom and information about the filters we use:

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Fire certification documents for the materials used for our 3D printer covers and enclosures:

Polycarbonate guide with Fire protection info - Ultimaker cases are made with polycarbonate 

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